Cookie Policy

What are cookies?

Cookies are small chunks of information that a website can add to your browser. This means that every new page you visit, your browser will have that cookie attached to it. This cookie can be used to inform newly loaded sites about what you did previously, tailoring your experience to you as you go. For example, an Amazon shopping cart uses cookies as without them, the cart would empty every time you load a new page.

Cookies can expire or self-delete after a given time depending on what the cookie does.

How we use them

We don’t really use cookies. The only cookie we’ve created is actually a cookie for the cookie policy banner at the bottom of the page. This cookie is used to inform the next page to not load that banner when you have dismissed it! The irony.

Aside from that, third party cookies include:

These are both Google services and Google have provided a breakdown of how they use cookies, too.

Please visit for a breakdown on their cookies.