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Need advice? We can support you.

It’s not host dependent

Got a problem with an elearning course or LMS hosted on a 3rd party server, or one of our own?

We’ll take a look at the configuration and advise you of settings and options to resolve your issue.

Need advice?

Support for novice and experienced elearning developers

Whether you’re at the early stages of developing an elearning course, or have a particular challenge you need to overcome in an existing course, we can support you with that.

Give us a call to explain what you need help with and we’ll connect you with one of our elearning experts.

Need to chat things through?

What’s the best way to create your elearning?

We can advise on suitable authoring tools to help you create your elearning course.

Do you really need Storyline, Captivate or iSpring? Are there online tools and Apps you could use for building interactive content?

Not sure what SCORM or Learning Record Stores are or whether you need an LMS?

Need to know where to start?

Need to increase speed of production?

Are you building your elearning course in-house but have realised you need additional skills or capacity to achieve target dates?

Let our team of developers assist you with your production schedule matched to your existing specification and standards.

Need to speak to one of our experts?

Tried the Moodle Docs and forums but can’t find the answer?

You’re certain that someone has previously overcome your issue, chances are one of our team has the answer and will rapidly be able to steer you in the right direction.

We’re happy to use our experience and to transfer our knowledge to your team.

Use us to help develop your team either through formal training, elearning advice or tips and tricks.

Need an answer quick?

Got an existing elearning course that you’d like to update?

We’ll take a look at your course and provide you with a report that identifies how it might be improved.

You can then use the report, or elements from it, as a specification for your course update and costing.

Our course evaluation will focus on the complete course design cycle from: learning outcomes, aims, objectives, learning styles, user experience, interactions, completion and reporting.

Need a course evaluation doing?