Website Integration

Connected data improves productivity and efficiency

Manage elearning from your CRM

Sharing and synchronising data between your LMS and CRM improves efficiency and productivity.

Salesforce, SAP CRM, SugarCRM, SuiteCRM, ERPNext, Hubspot, Cirrus Shield.

Need your data connecting?

24/7 automated enrolment

When your eLearning courses are promoted through your website and landing pages is the users journey through purchase and enrolment a smooth and easy one?

Does your online course shop automatically enrol a delegate onto their course as soon as they pass through your payment gateway?

Woocommerce, Prestashop, Magento.

Need a course shop integrating with your moodle?

Synchronise usernames and passwords across different sites

If you have a membership site, staff portal or online shop, there’s benefit in allowing your users to login using the same username and password across all sites.

Need a single sign on solution?

Theme your elearning site to match your main site

Don’t feel restricted by the standard design of your LMS. If you’ve already gone through the process of specifying a design for your main website, then we can apply that directly to your LMS.

Need your LMS theme changing?