We’ll Host your Content

Whether it’s an elearning course, course shop or website we will host it

Choose your hosting provider wisely

You won’t have to look far to find a hosting company, but we’re different.

We only host elearning related sites, because that is our area of expertise.

We know how important it is to ensure your server is configured specifically to match your elearning requirements.

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Others provide cheap hosting

They claim you can self install and run your elearning courses on their servers.

It’s true, you can, but we know from experience that elearning servers need to be configured and setup in a certain way to get the performance and security your elearning clients expect.

We do all of that for you. You’re never on your own, our elearning hosting specialists are here to ensure you have the best hosting environment.

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Get it right first time

If your aim is to provide great elearning for your course delegates and you’ve invested in creating engaging course materials for them, then don’t skimp on your hosting.

It’s easier to get it right first time, than it is to have to switch hosting when you realise in a few months that your servers are just not up to the task.

Need to get it right first time?

Switch hosting for performance

Slow, hanging, data not being saved, email not working, worried about security, can’t upgrade your elearning platform because of wrong database format, PHP version and other technical settings?

If your elearning hosting is not quite achieving your expectations, then switch to one of our elearning hosting packages.

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Website plus elearning

Want to consolidate the hosting of your website, course shop, elearning and Learning Management System (LMS)?

There’s no reason why you can’t host them on multiple servers, it’s just easier to maintain the system software, security and upgrades when you have it all in one place, covered by a single service agreement.

Need to move all your systems onto one server?

Hosting packages

We’ll host a single elearning course inside a shared LMS, themed to match your brand using our starter package.

Then when you’ve got multiple courses and specific requirements of the LMS, it’ll become more cost effective for you to move onto our dedicated LMS package.

When your LMS grows in number of courses, course delegates and storage space, we can move you onto our dedicated hosting package that gives you even flexibility.

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